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Your one stop solution for all of your tyre needs in Sutton in Ashfield

Choose Davanti - It's More Than Just A Tyre! They carry a Lifetime Warranty

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Order your tyres online today using our easy, quick and efficient online booking system. Simply enter your registration number, select and time and date that suits you, enter a few details and submit your tyre order.

Davanti Tyres

Hardwick Motor Co Recommend Davanti, All Davanti tyres come with a life time guarantee.

We offer loyalty points on all Davanti Tyre Purchases.

Are your tyres safe? Order your tyres in Sutton in Ashfield and get a no obligation tyre health check.

Tyres can affect so many aspects of your vehicle performance and safety. It is vital to understand the consequences of ignoring or failing to follow a few simple guidelines. The condition of your tyres are paramount to you, your passengers and other road users well being. The reality is that when tyres go wrong; accidents happen.

Before you buy your tyres we recommend that you speak to one of our experienced technicians. They will be able to advise the best tyre to purchase having understood all your driving needs. You need to take into consideration mileage covered per year, is it motorway or urban mileage? What load does the vehicle carry? The specification should never be less than the manufacturers recommendations for the vehicle.

At Hardwick Motor Company located in Sutton in Ashfield we offer a comprehensive, professional tyre service at a competitive price. We are your one stop local solution for all your tyre needs.

  • Loyalty points with every purchase.
  • Peace of mind that you have the right tyres.
  • All prices include tyre disposal.
  • All prices include valve & balance.

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Our team is here to offer you the best advice possible from their wealth of experience and invite you to call in to see us at whatever time is best convenient to you to allow us to check your tyre pressures and tread depths. No appointment needed and there is NO CHARGE. Our gauges are calibrated to ensure accuracy.

For any questions about our tyre services we offer in Sutton in Ashfield call today on 01623 55 5512

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Understanding tyre labels, markings and ratings

Buying the right tyres for your car needn’t be a confusing business.

All new tyres sold in the EU after November 2012 come with a standard label. It classifies the tyre into three categories – fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise – with a rating for each area.

The rating goes from green A (best) to red G (worst). And external noise is measured in decibels (dB).

The label itself looks very similar to the one that household appliances have. The aim is to provide drivers with enough objective, and reliable information to make an informed decision when buying new tyres.

Fuel efficiency

This label relates to a tyre’s rolling resistance. It measures the amount of energy lost when a tyre is rolling, which is affected by the day-to-day wear and tear.

Tyres which have lower rolling resistance tend to provide better fuel efficiency. Thus receiving a better energy rating.

Wet grip

The rating of the Wet grip label is based on stopping distances in wet conditions. In the real world, stopping distance is affected by a number of factors, but the main ones remain tyre grip and tyre pressure.

Tyre manufactures have the difficult job of balancing rolling resistance, which affects fuel economy, and road grip, which affects stopping distance.

External noise

The External noise rating is measured in decibels (dB) and was introduced to help drivers be more aware of noise pollution generated from a tyre. The goal is to reduce noise from road transport. It’s represented with black sound waves, starting with one for the lowest noise level.

Driving with quieter tyres is not only better for those around you, but it also reduces cabin noise making your journey more pleasant.

For any questions about our tyre services we offer in Sutton in Ashfield call today on 01623 55 5512

 or complete our contact form.



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