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**MOST VEHICLES REGISTERED 2012 AND UNDER SHOULD BE ON THE R134A Gas, ANYTHING OVER THE AGE OF 2012 COULD BE RUNNING ON EITHER Gas. If you are unsure there will be a sticker under the bonnet on the engine area.
PLEASE BE AWARE: When booking your vehicles air conditioning re-gas appointment through our website please note that there are two type of gas. The gas is not optional, the gas to be used will depend on the system your vehicle is running. If you are on unsure on which gas to book for please contact our service department on Tel: 01623 555512 option 1.

Be the coolest person on the road, let us check or service your air conditioning in Sutton in Ashfield

If your car air conditioning isn’t working as well as it used to or is letting out a funny smell when turned on it is probably time to get it serviced. Regular checks will ensure that your car air conditioning is working at optimum performance and will keep you cool as a cucumber inside your vehicle.
We can recharge your car air conditioning in Sutton in Ashfield only £45.99 including VAT plus, double your loyalty points with all air conditioning repairs with all air conditioning repairs. Offer applies to R134A systems only.
When we carry out a full service your vehicle will automatically receive a health check as part of that service.
Car Air Conditioning Sutton in Ashfield

Does my car air conditioning require maintenance?

It is recommended that your air conditioning should be recharged every 2 years. The system should also be decontaminated every year to remove harmful bacteria that builds up over a period of time.

What benefits will I get from doing this?

If the gas pressure drops, not only will the cooling efficiency be affected but the engine will be forced to compensate by working harder due to the systems lack of gas pressure. The fuel economy of the vehicle will suffer and have an adverse effect to your pocket and carbon footprint.

Should I use my car air conditioning in the winter?

Air conditioning has dehumidifying properties which will demist your windows more rapidly in cold conditions. If you don’t use your air conditioning for long periods the systems seals dry out and the gas will escape.

I get a smell when I turn on my car air conditioning

In this case you need to take urgent action. The system requires a thorough clean to remove harmful bacteria that has built up in the airways and vents. It is a very quick and easy process to repair. We circulate the cleaner through the system leaving fresh and safe atmosphere.
Have questions about your car air conditioning? Call us in Sutton in Ashfield on 01623 55 5512or complete our contact form.

Customer Guide for an Air Conditioning Re-gas

Please read prior to having your vehicle's air conditioning system re-gassed.
Vehicle air conditioning systems rely upon refrigerant as one of several elements to allow the system to operate. It is usually the first element to check if there are any problems. If there is insufficient refrigerant within the system it’s impossibleto carry out any diagnosis at all.
When a re-gas is carried out, the machine will identify if there is refrigerant present, if present the gas will be recovered and the weight measured.
A vacuum test is carried out at the rate of 1 Bar for twenty minutes, this will identify any major leaks within the system.If the system passes these tests the refrigerant & a UV dye will be added as per the manufactures recommendations.
The High & low side pressures are monitored.
The vacuum test is not a guarantee that the system is in perfect condition. Due to high operating pressures and the properties of the refrigerant, leaks may occur after the procedure. In some instances, leaks can happen within hours in other cases weeks. The UV dye that was put in the system will help to find the leak.
Whilst every care is taken to carry out a visual check of the system not all of the components visible.
If your air conditioning fails after your re-gas please contact us and we will willingly investigate the problem.
We understand that your money is hard earnt and the disappointment you feel if the system fails.
If we re-gas the system successfully you will be charged for the gas.
Assuring you of our best intensions at all times.